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Welcome to PYGOD.COM – the place where I write my experience and daily life as an online entrepreneur/blogger/investor.

  • CEO/CFO of PYGOD.COM, Inc.
  • Founder/MFCEO of
  • Banker at PYGOD Bank.
  • Investor.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Blogger since 2005.
  • T-Shirts Designer since 2007.
  • Mass Uploader since 2020. The Print-On-Demand (POD) crowd knows what I’m taking about.
  • Former stock market & forex speculator. Until the 2008 stock market crash taught me that market timing was a bad idea.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Certificate in Toxicomany

Do I take myself a little bit too seriously? Not at all, since YOU should be the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of You, Inc. Running the business of You. Running the brand of You. Running the finances of You. You should because nobody else will.

Founder / MFCEO of
This is my “startup”, my main business. A blog / affiliate website / ecommerce with the ambitious goal of becoming “Everything to Everyone”.

Banker at PYGOD Bank
You should Be Your Own Bank (BYOB) and Be Your Own Banker. No, I’m not talking about the life insurance scam of the same name! And I don’t mean that you shouldn’t put your Money, at least some of it, in the bank. Here I’m talking about your investment portfolio. Your own conglomerate with his subsidiaries, waiting for his next acquisitions.

More of the above in future blog posts. 😉


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