How To Become a YouTube BILLIONAIRE like Mr Beast!? Mr Beast is laser-focus on becoming the greatest Youtuber of all time. Here’s how YOU can use Mr Beast’s secrets to success on how to become the greatest at anything, period.

Mr. Beast is maybe not a Billionaire as I’m writing this article. But MrBeast Jimmy Donaldson is soon to be YouTube first Billionaire. Success leaves clues. By studying Mr Beast, just like I did, no matter if you’re a YouTuber and/or an entrepreneur you will learn a lot of valuable lessons. Luckily, I did all the heavy lifting for you. Mr. Beast is inspired by tech pionners like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk as much as I’m inspired by him and Jeff Bezos.

Let’s start with the creation of the content creator extraordinaire.

  • Born Jimmy Donaldson on May 7, 1998 in Kansas, United States and grew up in Greensville, North Carolina, USA.
  • He started making videos at 11 years old.
  • Officially started his content creator career in February 2021, posting his first YouTube video under the name MrBeast6000 at the age of 13.
  • In 2016, he dropped-out of college after only two dreadful weeks of attending courses. As soon as he told her mom, she forced him to move out. Now she’s working for him!

“I’d rather be poor than doing anything beside YouTube.” — MrBeast

  • His first viral video was “I Counted to 100,000!” uploaded on January 8th, 2017. It pulled over 5 million views in the first five days. It legitimately took him 44 hours counting to 100,000.



MrBeast 103M subscribers YouTube. PYGOD.COM


  • MrBeast 103 million subscribers (YouTube main channel)
  • 17 billion views (main channel)
  • MrBeast Gaming 28.6M subcribers
  • Beast Reacts 19M subscribers
  • MrBeast Shorts 15.2M subscribers
  • MrBeast Philanthropy 10M subscribers
  • MrBeast 2 7.12M subscribers
  • More than 215M subscribers (combined)
  • Over 30 billion views (combined)
  • 42.2M followers on TikTok
  • 19.7M followers on Instagram
  • 15.2M followers on Twitter
  • 9.6M followers on Facebook
  • 3.3M subscribers on Snapchat



MrBeast logo


Mr. Beast has only one thing in mind. Being the greatest YouTuber of all time.

No matter if he had to stay poor or not. All he wanted to do was YouTube videos. Mr. Beast wants ONE BILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!

“There’s a five-year point in my life where I was just relentlessly, unhealthily obsessed with studying virality, studying the YouTube algorithm… I woke up, I studied Youtube, I studied videos, I studied filmmaking, I went to bed and that was my life.”  — MrBeast

Perfectionist. Quality over quantity. Can work 10 hours for a 15 seconds video’s segment. Thumbnails, titles, the first 10 seconds of his videos and, finally, his content.

YouTube algorithm, analytics and datas… 😧

It may seem, and actually be, boring. But that’s one of the main thing that Mr. Beast is obsessed with. He study his datas relentlessly – now he have a team to do it. Remember, he wants to be the greatest YouTuber of all time. So he needed to crack the “secret code”.



MrBeast reinvest everything
Credit: YouTube

GROWTH! GROWTH! GROWTH! Thus building a giant moat around him. Since the beginning, MrBeast reinvests every dollar he make into his main channel. Just like a Silicon Valley startup – which in 9 times out of 10 is not a good idea.

“I only want money so I can make better videos, so I can grow my channel… I don’t care about making money, I don’t care about time, I just want to make the best videos on the planet.” — MrBeast

Billionaire on paper but cash poor. MrBeast invests all his time and money into his craft. Always making bigger and better videos to get more viewers converting them into subscribers. To be the biggest YouTube channel ever. Becoming the greatest YouTuber of all time. Even if it’s mean operating his main channel at a loss.

MrBeast 100 Millions Subscribers. PYGOD.COM



MrBeast is known for thinking outside the box. And now his box is really big and grows bigger and bigger. So big that you just can’t duplicate MrBeast’s videos without having the name recognition, investing millions of dollars and getting access to an Hollywood level production team. Seriously, nobody will do it for Google Adsense money. ¢

Big Expenses to stay on top

  • Spends $5 MILLIONS every months to make his videos. To outdo himself everytime.
  • Including $600K a month in rent, employees, consultants and other stuff.
  • Millions in giveaways and he pays all the taxes for the lucky receivers of his giveaways. In other words, if he gives $1,000,000 to a lucky stranger. He also pays the gift tax rate of 18% to 40% to STFU of Uncle Sam. So his $1 Million gift costs him up to $1.4 Million. ☹
  • Has 4 warehouse studios.

MrBeast spends over $60 MILLIONS A YEAR on videos!!!

MrBeast is broke

Technically, he is broke.



MrBeast has a team of 60 people. More of a Founder/CEO than a solopreneur.

Here are his 5 teams

  1. Pre-production team.
  2. Production team.
  3. Post-production team.
  4. Data team.
  5. Business development team.

It’s just the beginning…

“I want one day have like 50 to 100 channels. So I want basically build a giant fucking college campus and every building is just someone filming videos and I’m just fuckin’ running it all.” — MrBeast

Damn that I admire his ambition!



Mr Beast multiple revenue streams. PYGOD.COM

Mr Beast is a Multi-SKU Creator – meaning he has several revenue streams. As opposed to most multi-millionaire YouTubers, Mr Beast did not diversify his revenue streams to buy a lambo and impressive bling (ala Jake Paul). Nope! Every dollar he make from his merch, sponsorships, ads, business ventures and his other YouTube channels is reinvested into his main channel. With one mission in his mind. Always make bigger and better videos with even bigger and more spectacular giveaways.


Mr Beast YouTube channels. PYGOD.COM



MrBeast’s main channel content can be described as non-stop action, high quality production, larger-than-life challenges and games with stupendous prizes for the winner. As well as spectacular philanthropic giveaways to random strangers, subscribers, and people in need. MrBeast’s recommended viewing age is everyone. MrBeast is family-friendly and money games of any kind always attracted a mainstream audience. And he is one of the few that cracked the YouTube algorithm. More views = More potential viewers. That’s how the algorithms work! 😉

MrBeast Philanthropy Twitter

MrBeast is by far “YouTube’s Biggest Philanthropist” giving away money, among other things…

  • 1.5 million of pounds of food to feed the hungry.
  • Lamborghinis.
  • Gold bars.
  • A private island.
  • And millions of dollars in good ole USD paper ca$h money. 💰💸🤑

to random strangers, subscribers, people in need, charities, and organizations. He intends on giving away everything he owns.


MrBeast YouTubes Biggest Philanthropist

MrBeast is a lovable version of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. It’s impossible to not like MrBeast as a human being and to not admire him for his dedication to his craft and his perpetual quest for excellence. And as far as personal branding and content creation are concerned, MrBeast has no equal.


Health & Wealth




MrBeast (Founder & Manager). My YouTube playlist of over 40 videos studying the case of the greatest YouTuber of all time.

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