Multi Topic Blog vs Single Topic Blog?

Multi Topic Blog vs Single Topic Blog

Multi topic blog vs single topic blog? This is probably the question that most bloggers want the answer. Yes, myself, I’ve searched the answer to this questions for several hours in the last few days. In fact, I had the answer and I known the answer. I was searching for validation. Validation that my dream of creating PYGOD.COM. A blog/website centered around the 4 things in life that I love the most. MONEY, Porn, Pro Wrestling and Heavy Metal. A longtime dream of creating a multi topic blog centered about my four passions. The only four things I really care about, talk about and think about. But why I’ve never indulged into my upmost of creating a blog about my four passions?

Because I’ve already did it, when I’ve started blogging in 2005. But I’ve soon realized that the best way, in my case, was to do it via several blogs. At least one blog on each topic.

  •  (NSFW 😈)  My main porn site was initially a multi topic blog. But porn took over the three others and all my traffic goes directly to porn.
  •  My blog about pro wrestling, MMA, boxing, martial arts, UFC, WWE, bodybuilding, strongman sport, strength sports, combat sports, even some health & fitness.
  •  My blog about MONEY, Power, finance, business, entrepreneurship, gambling, poker, politics even some religion. MONEY is such a large topic.
  •  The perfect domain name who says it all. Most Heavy Metal (a vast musical umbrella), punk rock, and some hip hip, mostly gangsta rap.
  • (NSFW 😈)  A passion project about my favorite Pornstars. Cleaner, officially created a few years ago. Has a lot of potential. But has 40x less pageviews than my age-old PYGOD BLOG PORN. Age matters and quantity of posts matters too in a website.
  •  One of my blog that I’m currently turning into an eCommerce. 😉
  • PYGOD.COM, my first ever website, created in 2005, was originally centered around my four passions. But porn took over this blog/website too. You got to give the people what they want.

Despite being on autopilot for the last couple of years. PYGOD BLOG PORN have by far the most pageviews daily. Sex sells and always will!

And to this day, I’m still known as PYGOD the porn guy. Even through I have blogged about various subjects since 2005. Furthermore for the last few years, the majority of my revenues came from selling T-shirts designs online.And I’m pretty sure that if you are currently reading this post, you will remember me as the dude who owns porn blogs. Anyway, I love Porn.

Returning to the initial topic (no pun intended), I’m realizing that I was spread myself a little too thin. It seem that my four passions and my love of blogging and writing took the best of me. In between, I was a full-time stock market speculator from 2005 until 2010. The 2008 stock market crash make me realize that market timing wasn’t such a good idea.  Plus I started designing Print-On-Demand (POD) T-shirts in 2007. I was a hustler hustling before it became a fashionable word.

Jack of all trades and master of none?.. Maybe!

Now what? I think that just like me, you have figured the answer.

At least, I got mine. Instead of turned my brand not-so new PYGOD.COM into a melting pot of all of my other websites. I decided to turn PYGOD.COM, my name, into my voice. The place I will express myself freely about the ups-and-downs of entrepreneurship. Which is my entire life, since I’m always “working”. Trying to provide value to my fellow human beings in exchange of Money. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about. It will probably help and inspire some of you. And this will be my topic. Not my niche, since each article is a niche in itself.


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