Rob Black Extreme Associates, the Entertainment Conglomerate that never was…

NFL Richest Team Owners. PYGOD.COM

In a February 2004 interview while awaiting trial on federal obscenity charges. ..

I like the challenge that comes with creating an entertainment conglomerate, because I don’t see us just as an adult company. We do other things associated with the entertainment business… I’d say the trajectory we’d like to be is more like a Ted Turner or a Disney or something like that, where this is one branch that we do, and we do other wings. We own a wrestling company — XPW. We venture in different things. We’re starting a line of R-rated movies, like “Friday the 13th”-type of movies. Ultimately, hopefully one day we’ll own a football team. There’s the ultimate goal. But that is ultimately the company as a whole, an entertainment monster in the business.

(Porn) it provides the money for us to venture into other things. And I think the porn aspect opened a lot of doors … if you just strip it down for what it is, meaning entertainment. So you deal with a lot of the same people that a straight-to-video release would deal with, whether it’s the mom-pop video stores or the chain stores.


Ted Turner WCW owner. PYGOD.COM
Just like Rob Black, Ted Turner dabbled into pro wrestling, among many other things.
Disney owns Pornhub. PYGOD.COM
But unlike Rob Black, Disney didn’t dabbled into porn despite the rumors.


Rob Black Lizzy Borden 2006. PYGOD.COM
Rob Black & his wife/extreme associate (pun intended) Lizzy Borden in 2006

Rob Black fka Rob Zicari (born August 5, 1974) Porn magnate who wanted to be a media mogul.


Extreme Associates. Porn production company founded in 1997. Parent company & financial back of XPW.

XPW logo Rob Black

  • Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) Extreme Professional Wrestling promotion 1999-2003 resurrected in 2021.


A man driven by ambition…

Rob Black always wanted to be like Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt.

Hugh Hefner vs Larry Flynt. PYGOD.COM


Rob Black wanted to take the place of ECW wrestling promoter Paul Heyman as the King of Extreme Wrestling.

Rob Black XPW vs Paul Heyman ECW. PYGOD.COM

He even became a pro wrestler himself. The greasy hair were for his future dreadlocks.


Lizzy Borden XPW wrestling cover. PYGOD.COM

“It was a perfect fit for porn. Extreme Championship Wrestling started to dabble with using porn stars, so it was natural to ask: ‘How do we capitalise on this?’ We had a weekly television show, we had a pay-per-view, we ran monthly shows and we even had an altercation live with ECW on one of their shows when we invaded their main event – it made national headlines.” – Rob Black about XPW (Nov. 2014 interview)

XPW merges Rob Black’s passions for hardcore porn and deathmatch wrestling. It seems that we have two things in common.


Friday the 13th movie series. The many faces of Jason Voorhees. PYGOD.COM

Rob Black started or was about to start “a line of R-rated movies, like “Friday the 13th”-type of movies”. Nothing can be found of it on the web…


What about his “Ultimate Goal” of owning an NFL football team?

NFL Billionaire team owners are American Royalty. PYGOD.COM
NFL Billionaire team owners are American Royalty. A very closed circle.

The NFL wants an ownership “face” for each franchise, so it does not allow corporate partnerships or funds to be used in buying a team. That means an individual must serve as the general partner in purchasing the franchise. That person must put up at least 30% of the purchase price — which, based on Forbes’ valuations, would cost more than $1 billion for the most valuable franchises.

Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh were turned down in their quest to buy NFL teams. Trump’s attempt was rejected in 2014 because he falsified his financial records (nothing new there). And Rush Limbaugh was just too polarizing to be accepted. No surprise, since the NFL ownership is an old men club.

What Rob Black needed to buy his NFL football team.

  • Circa $1 Billion. That’s a lot of smut to sell. Even Hefner and Flynt weren’t that rich from porn only. But as the last step of a Disney-like “entertainment conglomerate” as Rob Black envisioned Extreme Associates to be, it might be possible.
  • Connections. I’ve never heard about Rob Black’s having close relationship with any of the NFL Billionaire owners. None of them would want to be seen near him.
  • Respectability. Nope! In term of respectability, Rob Black is in the same class of Trump and Limbaugh.

1 out of 3 isn’t enough to be a part of America Royalty.


Lizzy Borden Rob Black wife. PYGOD.COM
Completely unnecessary for the article. But I had to add this fabulous Lizzy Borden picture for entertainment purpose. Nonetheless, it would have been great to see her in an NFL owners’ lounge.


Instead of building an entertainment conglomerate, Rob Black was the architect of his own demise.

“Drama Queen” Rob Black had the nasty habits of instigating beefs and feuds with fellow pornographers like Vivid Video, Patrick Collins and his company Elegant Angel, Paul Fishbein and his publication Adult Video News, and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. All for the sake of free publicity.

As another publicity stunt, Rob Black unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Los Angeles, receiving 789 votes in 2001.


Rob Black was interviewed in the  PBS Frontline documentary American Porn (2002) documentary and challenged Attorney General John Ashcroft. What a stupid fn’ A-hole!?!

April 8, 2003: EXTREME ASSOCIATES RAIDED BY THE FEDS. Rob Black‘s Extreme Associates was raided in Van Nuys, California by federal agents, postal inspectors and the Los Angeles Police. Financial records, videocassettes, model releases, computer & office equipment, and company documents were seized by the authorities. The feds had a 10 page warrant covering most everything in the offices. Four video lines were seized along with the mastertapes (Extreme Teen 24, Cocktails 2, Ass Clowns 2 and Forced Entry). Apparently this is all from a complaint filed out of Pittsburgh, PA (ECW?). I think it’s had more to be with the Attorney General John Ashcroft.

August 8, 2003: Rob Black & Lizzy Borden Indicted on 10 charges by a federal grand jury for allegedly distributing obscene materials via the United States Postal Service and the Internet.

After six years of legal battle and millions of dollars in lawyers fees. Rob Black and Lizzy Borden took a plea bargain on obscenity charges and were both sentenced to one year and one day in prison on July 1, 2009.

Rob Black porn pro wrestling magnate. PYGOD.COM
Rob Black Extreme Associates, the Entertainment Conglomerate that never was…

After losing his fortune, losing his empire, and a prison stint. Rob Black stated that his aim for being the biggest and baddest provocateur wasn’t worth it.



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